19 April 2009

Kindergarten Program

We went over to Wanda Gray this past Thursday evening to watch Macauley and his fellow kindergarteners put on "The Little Red Hen" in the school cafeteria.

Macauley turned down a narrator part and opted out of being one of the farm animals. He was fine with being in the "chorus." Those are his arms raised mid-choreography above the pig's head. The love of his life, Lauren, who recently told Macauley she "needed a break," is the black kitty second from the left.

When the show was over, Macauley stopped off to pick up his friend Trevor.

Then we walked back to our house, loaded up and took our little performer to McDonald's. A nice night.

1 comment:

Denise said...

how nice......they all looked so cute! enjoy these day.......they go by soooo fast. That is so funny that she told him she needed a break! LOL!!!


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