12 April 2009

Booth work

I slipped away from the Easter lunch and went to the flea market to re-work my booth. I emptied out a couple of boxes of stuff that hadn't sold (and gave it all away to one of the managers of the flea market rather than dragging it with me to donate or something) and put in a bunch of new things I have been compiling over the last few weeks. A much springier feel. I made the little lima bean tin tucked in front of the garden book, just by decoupaging a seed graphic on top of a little green and brown plaid tin I found at the thrift store.

I thought the name of this book, Chicken Every Sunday, was cute and I just happened to have a little iron rooster to tuck in next to it.

A few more reworked thrift store items including another decoupaged file box and a milk glass vase I embellished with some ribbon and a button. I put in lots of linens this time, too.

I love the bird feeding book and the ironstone cup (maybe I should have kept those!) and the cottagey bird potholder and pillowcases.

I love to look inside old books and find appealing fonts and charming illustrations, so I propped several books open, including this one called Personality Unlimited. It has a bunch of quirky information about how to accentuate your personality through beauty routines.

I also liked the drawings inside Sewing Made Easy.

And I always have a bit of black and white that carries over from home, this time a cute black typewriter case topped with a basket holding some vintage baby shoes, a little photo album I embellished with an old picture, some ribbon and a button, and some packets of music pages I pulled from an old songbook for crafting.

I managed to get out of there without buying anything for myself, but that would not have been the case if this little green drawer in a newer booth had been for sale. Notice the tag says "NFS...yet" so I will keep my eye on it.

I was also drawn to the shape of this old mirror and might have to go back for it, too. You can see my jeans and Uggs in the reflection--we had a rainy and somewhat chilly Easter this year. When will spring be here to stay?

And I think I've looked at this black metal lawn chair 25 times but don't know what I would do with it. I really like it though. No matter what, a trip to the flea market always leaves me inspired...

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