08 April 2009

His dad is RAD

Last night we went to dinner for Wanda Gray night at Texas Road House and Macauley got a lizard painted on his face, stalking the fly painted on his nose. Then I put together goodies for Ryan to take to school this morning.

It was his turn to show up to be a RAD Dad (Reading And Dads, I think, even though that is redundant) and read a book to Macauley's class. We just saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D over the weekend and all really liked it, so I got this book and then the individual Nerds for everyone thinking they kind of looked like aliens. Ryan said it went really fast but that he enjoyed his visit. He was really nervous about embarrassing Macauley but I think they both did each other proud.


twin2trip said...

That is so weird to think that we may embarrass our kids.

Sounds like Dad did a great job though.

Have a great weekend!


Karee said...

How creative to paint a fly along with a lizard like that. I think it looked really cute. I wish my dad had done this RAD Dad thing when I was little. I didn't go to school, but I am sure that it would be so cool for everyone in my class to get to know my dad.


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