28 April 2009

Our star

Macauley was chosen to be Star Student this week at school, so we had a little homework to do Sunday night (after he'd been on a hiking trip with Cole S. and his family for 9 hours), including answering questions on the stars and filling the "estimation jar" with something to share with his classmates at the end of the week after everyone has made a guess at the number of gumballs in the jar.

He also had to take some photos to hang on the Star Student Board.

And then guess what the Star Student came home with today? A blue note from the nurse with the tick she pulled off his head taped to it! I made him take a shower after our walk last night and checked him over...we've noticed lots of ticks on Booker every time we go out. This little "sucker" got by us, though...I don't know why, but I thought this little note was pretty funny.

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