12 April 2009

Junk Hunt

Everyone else was hunting for eggs today, but after working on my booth, I headed to the other STD to hunt some junk. And I found some! I love this bench I got for only $8. Someone else called and asked to have it put on hold just as I was paying for it.

This tarnished silver pitcher has some issues, including one bum leg, but I'll take her. I will use the rusty baking pans in my office and I couldn't resist the black book for $1. I don't really need more black books for the bookcase project, but it's always been hard for me to know when to say when.

Love this set of keys, on sale for only $4.50. I am going to find a special place for them where they won't go unnoticed.

I also picked up some linens really cheap (the cute gloves were only 25 cents) and a cute chicken wire basket.

I was thinking this family photo could have been taken on some Easter a long time ago.

The jar has a clock face on it and even on sale was kind of a splurge. But how cute.

Easter is pretty much over (and I didn't even get out my decorations this year--just propped around a few new finds and called it good sadly) but I still think I can find a year-round spot for this shabby crocheted basket of eggs.

And what a sweet little silver tray holding a shaving brush. I found a couple of other things I might just have to go back for, too. My kind of hunt.


Julie said...

Hey Hayley, Well it looks like you had a great Easter! I love the bench. It looks exactly like a bench my Mom and AJ made for me. They painted it red and my Mom found a heart to put on the front that my Grandfather had carved. It is a very special bench. Hope you're having a great week!

twin2trip said...

My kind of hunt too.

Too bad we don't live closer so we could be partners in crime.

Love the treasures!


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