12 April 2009

"That Easter Bunny..."

We didn't get around to dyeing eggs until last night around 10:00, after dinner out with Uncle Rob and Aunt Lauren who had invited Macauley to stay at their place in Bolivar Friday night then took Macauley to an Easter egg hunt party at his cousin Jahlil's house Saturday evening. So Macauley was still putting some finishing touches on this morning, after he woke up to find that a certain very generous bunny had been to our house.

He was so excited, showing Ryan and me all his stuff. He just shook his head and said, "That Easter Bunny." He found another basket on the front porch from Megan. When we put him to bed last night, he asked, "Mom, do you get presents from the Easter Bunny?" I explained that it was mostly just for kids and that was okay, but he didn't want me or anyone else in the fam to go without. He sat up in bed, clasped his hands in prayer and looked to the sky: "Easter Bunny? Please bring some presents for my mom and my dad and Booker. Please? Please and thank you. XO XO Macauley." That Bunny! That bunny was able to scrape up (possibly around our house?) an unopened box of movie theatre Butterfingers for Mom, a Dove chocolate bunny for Dad and a chew bone for Booker to fill this last minute request. Wouldn't want a stout believer to think his earnest wishes go unheard or unanswered by the magical hare.

We had Easter lunch at Ryan's aunt Amy's today and our assignment was rolls. As Macauley and I watched them rise this morning, we thought they looked more like buns. He he.

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Karee said...

Macauley is so cute and considerate! I don't think I have ever heard of a kid asking the Easter Bunny to give some things to his parents before. He always seems to say the cutest things.


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