07 April 2009

Love this

I put the soaps I keep next to the kitchen sink in pretty vessels, which makes washing up a little sweeter. The Ball jar pump is filled with hand soap and I got it from http://www.gooseberrypatch.com/ after seeing one in Romantic Homes magazine several months ago. I put my dish soap in the Love Beverages bottle, which I fell in love with at STD when my mom was visiting a while back. She got it for me, so thanks Mom! She said my family knows the Loves who had this bottling company in Oklahoma. I remember seeing lots of Love's convenience stores in Oklahoma, and I think there was one right across the street from Aunt Karen's house and/or church in Comanche or somewhere that we visited a very, very long time ago? The topper/spout is from the barware section at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I think they were 2 for $3 or something close. You have to kind of shake the bottle a little to get the soap coming out, but it works okay and I'm choosing a cute form over perfect function on this one since I don't wash many dishes by hand anyway. I usually choose soaps based on smell, but this time I chose based on color and how each would blend with the kitchen and look most shabby. Discerning criteria, I know. I set both bottles on an old tarnished silver tray.

I found this cute little monogrammed linen at STD yesterday when I went to pay my booth rent, along with a little surprise for my mom. I was only there for a minute and didn't necessarily intend to shop, but the H initial caught my eye (and I've been into white and off-white linens here lately) and I knew this little piece was meant to be mine. I think I'm going to put it on my nightstand, where it will promptly get covered in dog hair. How does dog hair make it to a tabletop? But I refuse to avoid having pretty things because I have pets, or kids for that matter. My mom never did that and Macauley has easily learned to live with nice things without destroying (many of) them. You get a lint roller and move on with life....

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