31 January 2009

Slushy Saturday Out

Today was the 16th annual Greater Springfield Garage Sale and Marketplace, and was to be the 3rd annual trip there for my mother and me. But since the ice storm that hit Arkansas last week caused a huge mess at the camp, my mom couldn't come up and I had to make the trip solo. I got across town in about 15 minutes then waited in standstill traffic near the turnoff to the fairgrounds for over 40 minutes. People were out in droves for this thing and the parking was haphazard and slushy and I just made a place and went in. In the past, my mom and I have spent a few hours looking at every little thing and walking away with a bevy of little goodies, but this time I did a powershop for about an hour and wanted out of the crowd. Just not as much fun without my mom. I found this bunnybuggy, which I thought would look fab on my porch this spring with some flowers or a fern on board. It seems old, but I don't know if it is. I think I will park it in my dining room for a while. It's pretty good-sized...I could at least fit a cat in there if not a baby.

I got a few Valentines to add to the mix I'm working on for my dining room table. The overall scheme hasn't come together enough to photograph yet, but when I figure out a centerpiece I will.

I have been wanting one of these old fold-out cameras and I found this one at a lower price than I'd seen, though maybe not a garage sale bargain. I really like it and thought it was worth it.

On my way back to the south side of town, I decided to make a quick stop over on the rejuvenated Commercial Street and specifically at Red Books & Chairs (http://www.redbooksandchairs.com/Welcome.html), a fabulous shop whose owner was recently featured in Romantic Homes Magazine. We got acquainted and found that not only do we both heart blogging but I also had Jennifer's daughter Elizabeth in class at Kickapoo a couple of years ago. I loved a vintage carpet upholstery chair but couldn't think of where I would work it in at my house. I did get this cute little metal mama kitty carrying her baby in her mouth. Adorable. They're already settled into their cubby in one of my shadowboxes in my "studio," which I finally got fairly organized and arranged.

I drove all the way back home to get Ryan and Macauley, then we drove all the way back across town to take Macauley to Spencer's birthday party, during which Ryan and I made a break and went back to Commercial to eat at the relocated Pizza House, rollin' yummy pizza since 1958. Delicious. The sun came out today and reduced last week's snow to a sludgy mess. Macauley is just heartbroken his sledding snow is disappearning, but I hope the sun can take care of the rest of it tomorrow.

29 January 2009

A little bath glam

We finally put up these curtains in our master bath and even Ryan said they're growing on him. I really wanted some color in there and something to tie in the wall color and the brown marble top of the cabinet you can't see in between the two sinks.

I found this statue head in a flowerbed two houses ago and have always liked it despite the decapitation aspect. She finally found a home (and a crown!) on this tray over the tub. Ryan's comment: "Weird...but I kind of like it." Me too. And she has her "queen" soaps nearby.

I edited down my finials and candlesticks to just these three, which I've had for quite a while.

The builder of our house put in all sorts of luxuries that I probably wouldn't have splurged on, including heated floors in this room and a towel warmer we have yet to use. I decided to accessorize it with some towels and a favorite flea market picture I've also had for a while. Next step in this room: clean the darn thing. Then I'll show you the rest.

28 January 2009

Mac's second snow day!

It snowed most of the day and evening yesterday, so we woke to a coating of white today, the first real snow at our new house. Macauley and I slept in again, and even though Booker doesn't look thrilled to have his brother on his back, I know our sweet old dog was glad to have us home for the day again.

After changing into another set of PJs about noon, Macauley helped me use the new Kitchenaid stand mixer Ryan got me for Christmas. Isn't she lovely in her Martha Stewart pistachio green? This was her inaugural use and I loved it! We made Ryan some chocolate chip cookies hoping the aroma would make it to Aztec and lead him home.

It did. We headed out for another round of sledding, but the powdery snow didn't make for as speedy sliding as the ice did. After a few runs with Mac, Ryan and I and the other adults mostly just stood around and watched the kids (Megan and her 2 cousins were out again today) do some small runs. They had a ton of fun no matter how slow they went.

For some reason, I thought Macauley just looked adorable as a little bundled up pod in his sled. He kept rolling all over the ground and just living it up out there.

Booker loved the snow, too. I mean really loved it. Ryan took some cute video of Booker jumping all around chasing snowballs, poking his nose down into the snow and running huge laps all around the yard and neighborhood. But when he'd come over to me and stop for a minute, I kept noticing drops of blood and we finally traced it to his back paw. It seemed to be coming from his nail and he was still running around as happy as could be, so I don't know what the deal was. But when we went inside, it was still dripping blood and I didn't want him to get it on the furniture (he's a major couch potato) so I put one of Macauley's socks on his foot and he didn't resist.

He flopped down on the couch and promptly dozed off, worn out from yet another fun romp in the snow. We headed to dinner at Mr. Yen's and it was nice to get out of the house for a bit. I think his paw is fine, but I let Booker wear the sock as long as he would. Pretty cute, I think. He's such a good boy.

Mac's first snow day!

Our snow dance finally worked! Macauley and I were off school yesterday (and today and tomorrow!) so we celebrated Macauley's first ever snow day with a little sledding. Took me about 20 minutes to get my little bubby all bundled up to head outside with the sled we bought at Target last week in hopes of some winter weather. Glad we did.

Yesterday we had mostly crunchy ice on the ground, which it turns out is excellent for sledding, at least with our little plastic number. We could start from the top of our neighbors' driveway and fly at a pretty good clip down the street past our house all the way to the gates at the entrance of our neighborhood.

We were joined, of course, by little Megan from next door and her parents. Then all Macauley could do today was ask over and over when we could sled again, so Ryan came home early from work (miracle!) and we went for round two.

The kindergarten social circuit

We did yet another birthday party this past weekend, this time celebrating Logan's at the Discovery Center downtown. Macauley prepared the card for the Connect Four gift he chose for his friend, instructing him to "flip" the card if needed.

All the kids got lab coats and were christened "doctors" as they arrived.

The party was 3 hours long, so Ryan and I had lunch and did a few errands and then made it back to the museum for the last 30 minutes of playtime. Macauley and Ryan go there pretty often and really like all the science stuff.

We have invites to 2 other parties this coming week or so. I guess Macauley is "in."

20 January 2009

What a trooper

Wow. What an afternoon. Because of overcrowding in his adorable little mouth, Macauley had to have 2 teeth pulled today, the ones on either side of his two front bottom "parent" teeth (what he calls his permanent teeth, as opposed to baby teeth). Those two teeth were growing in all sideways and squished together and the dentist recommended several months ago that we plan to make more room for them after the holidays (and line up an orthodontist for the future--yikes). I am continually amazed by how well Macauley adjusts to new situations. He is rarely very afraid of anything and was today exceptionally brave and calm. The cherry-flavored "happy gas" the dental assistant gave him probably contributed to that, but even I was a bit woozy and overwhelmed during several parts of the ordeal. No tears. No panic. No complaining even. I predict an especially profitable visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight and probably a trip to Andy's Frozen Custard after dinner when his numbness wears off. Ryan has also promised him a trip to Chuck E. Cheese this week, too, a promise he made after the appointment and not to bribe him to be brave beforehand. That makes me proud of my little bub.

Pre-birth flashback?

Macauley is always thinking. That's why I like this picture from a couple of summers ago, him with my glasses on, posed somewhat reminiscent of Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker." And usually, he shares those thoughts with me. Last night's conversation at bedtime was one to remember. We had read a book called The Little Penguin, about a daddy penguin carrying around his egg and the baby son penguin hatching out.

Macauley: Hey Mom, isn't it crazy that daddy seahorses have babies instead of mommy ones?
Me: Yeah, that is crazy.
Macauley: (aburpt shift in topic, but I still followed his thinking) Are there boy bunnies?
Me: Well, yeah. There's a boy and a girl of all kinds of animals.
Macauley: Boys are lucky, I guess, that they don't have to have babies. They don't have to have their tummies cut open to let babies out. Did that hurt when I came out? (He knows about my c-section and has studied the scar many times before.)
Me: Yeah, it hurt really bad, afterwards. But I wanted you so it didn't matter.
Macauley: You wanted me out?
Me: Of course I did. I wanted to meet you.
Macauley: Well, thanks for letting me out because it was really hot in there.

Where he came up with that, I do not know...perhaps he remembers...maybe he remembers this day on the kitchen counter with his dad just home from work, excited to see our new boy, and me attempting to make dinner, Macauley dressed in an outfit I bought for him when I first found out he was in there (hot as can be, as it was)...

19 January 2009

Mom-Mac McMLK Day Out

Yippee! No school today! Macauley and I slept in, then stayed in my bed and watched Sesame Street and a few other shows on PBS (Macauley explained, "Mom, these shows are really for preschoolers. But I still like them." Me too--I grew up on Sesame Street myself) until about 11. Love those lazy mornings at home. Then we got around and went to Ozark. First stop: McDonald's for Happy Meals and to amass a few more of the Hotel for Dogs toys to add to little Friday he got with my parents. He spent the weekend with them and they took him to see the movie. We ended up getting 4 Happy Meals, 2 with hamburgers and Apple Dippers for me and 2 with nuggets and fries and chocolate milk for him. And even though we were hoping for an indoor playground but didn't find one, Macauley was thrilled with the itty bitty dogs. Thrilled enough for me to convince him to stop by Riverview Antique Mall for a little shopping.

This chippy cabinet is on sale and I thought it might look cute in my kitchen. But we left it for more thinking...not a good antique shopping practice in my opinion, but we'll see.

Also left the rocking horse behind with no extra thinking at all...

We did leave with a cute chippy footstool (only $6), a set of white plates (only $1.50 for 7), a butter pat and 2 other mini platters and a Valentine vase. The metal thermometer is from Gatehouse Antiques, which we also quickly perused in search of ideas for a powder room vanity, dining room sideboard and a dresser for my room. Found all 3! But not at such bargain prices, so we'll see on those as well.

A fun day out with my little boy. Even a bonus stop at Wal-Mart on the way home for potato soup ingredients and a little plastic carrier for the new dogs. Better get that soup going...one of my life-long favorites.

13 January 2009

Vintage loves

The decorating is going rather slowly at the new house...not sure exactly why but I am having trouble with an overall vision. But that's okay...it will come. And it's good for me to have the creative outlet of thinking about it all and tinkering with my stuff rather than having everything settled. That's when I get restless. Regardless, my vintage loves remain the same: chippy architectural fragments, tarnished silver, spooners, clock faces...

I got the bigger old jar in Billings last summer and the smaller, Purity Oats jar at the Open House of The Seedbox this past holiday season. I can't wait for Brian and Melonie to do another one of these at their home out in the country this spring.

I have always loved the old clocks I see around and finally bought one of my own at Leola's in Ozark (http://www.leolasantiques.com/), along with some handmade linen shams, some red & white napkins I will use in my Valentine decor and a little H tile.

And I love all my vintage typewriters. I recreated this tablescape from my old house because I love this little one so much...and the 1931 typing textbook, too. Added a clock and a little dog,

Still love old cameras, keys and dominoes. I need to find a better way to showcase the itty bitty adorable dominoes I found at The Rose in Rogers at Thanksgiving. They're in the litte silver handled basket for now and are about 1/2 the size of a normal domino. Just precious. The stuff on this table has just kind of landed there, like a lot of stuff I have around right now.

And like most gals, I'm drawn to the sparklies and I love my vintage glass glitter H hanging on a lamp in my office. My parents got me that lamp when Ryan and I had our first apartment about 12 years ago, I think. I've since added the pom-pom trim but it's always found a place in my many residences.

Leave it to me to turn a late-night cough medicine run into an excuse to shop: Macauley and I picked up the ivy this past rainy Friday night at the grocery store when we dashed after some Nyquil for Ryan who had been coughing and up all night for over a week. I had been wanting something to put in this old black sewing basket for a while and there it was with no price. The night shift checker guesstimated one.

So the big picture on the house is still fuzzy, but I'd say what I love is pretty clear.

Ride 'em cowboy

We had a good time Saturday afternoon at the birthday party of Macauley's friend, Cole, at the Libby Ferguson Equestrian Training Center just north of town. It was an indoor stable and arena, but was still pretty chilly. But Mac geared up and was ready to ride from the start.

Ryan and I were excited to get to know Miss Lauren a little better, as Macauley has been talking about being "in love with Lauren" for a couple of weeks now. He wistfully sighs and says, "Oh, Lauren...she is the love of my LIFE and the LIGHT of my heart." A cutie for sure. They plan to marry.

Between turns on the horses, the kids climbed this huge haystack mountain to stay warm.

I loved the barn cats perched here and there throughout the stable, but mostly resisted petting them since I had a major cat allergic reaction Christmas Eve at Ryan's grandpa's house. I have had cats my entire life and in fact live with 3 presently, but ever since I was pregnant with Macauley, there are certain cats that if I touch the cat then touch anywhere on my face, my eyeballs swell up HUGE and my entire head starts itching from the inside out. It's quite a phenomenon. I had one of these most attractive outbreaks at the holiday celebration with Ryan's family after picking up Earl's kitty Mickey, whom I have held before but not in a while. So I gave this silky smooth barn cat a few scratches then immediately washed my hands.

What a cute idea to have a horseriding, cowboy birthday party! And a new experience for Macauley, one that he thought was just great.

08 January 2009

Creative space in progress...


Does moving and upacking boxes count as exercise? I have yet to start working out like I thought I would after the New Year, but I did get around to shuffling a bunch of boxes down to my office/"studio" tonight and emptying their contents all over the place. The area is a formal "study" just to the left of the entryway, with french doors opening to a decent sized room with a wall of built in bookcases. It was a dark, glazed red with dark woodwork, which was nice, but when I decided to make it my space rather than a formal living area or an office for Ryan, I enlisted Alicia Kelley's brother Aaron to lighten it up--majorly. It took him several days and a few weeks later the paint smell is still in the air. But I am happy with the transformation. It is an unorganized mess right now, but I felt like I needed to spread everything out and see what I'm dealing with before stashing stuff here and there. Sadly, there is still a (large) unopened box of my scrapbook stuff that hasn't even been added to the mix yet. And a big box and basket of magazines! So I will be busy for a while, but once I get everything settled, I am looking forward to scrapping more regularly and making some things for my booth. I filled two boxes with odds and ends to sell in the beginning stages of my cleaning/arranging tonight, so that's good. I hope to have the blinds put in within the next week or so, and I plan to order some black and white drapes from Country Curtains as soon as I can as well. I will probably put some kind of panels on the french doors, too, to hide my creative clutter that some might not view as "decorative" or "inspirational" like I do! It may be a while, but I will post the end results whenever I get to the "end" of this settling in process. For now, I need to walk away from the disaster, get Macauley out of the shower (he's been in there washing his clothes with his shampoo for a good half hour now while I've been distracted by all this) and tuck him into bed. TGIF tomorrow!
In progress:


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