27 July 2008

An afternoon to myself

The boys were both out of the house today, so I slept late and then spent the afternoon puttering in my office/craft room. I'm still having a little trouble getting back into scrapbooking (perhaps I'm reluctant to get ALL my stuff out since I only recently got it all put away), but I got these layouts done today. The Growing Like a Weed pictures were taken back in May out near the James River bridge at 60 & 65. The little ostrich was a gift from Aunt Lindsay that came along for this particular ride.

I had a lot of pictures from La Petite graduation, so I didn't do a whole lot to these pages other than cram in a bunch of photos and call it good. I had taken some pictures of Macauley at the school that night after he took off his robe, so I did another page just as a little memory of La Petite, a place where Macauley really flourished. We all miss him going there.

Some people called to look at the house this afternoon, so Booker T. and I got in the car to get out of their way. We stopped at McDonald's for 2 plain hamburgers, a little treat for my sweet old dog, and then I breezed through STD East just to look in on my favorite booths while Booker waited in the hot car. I snatched up a funny looking vintage stuffed dog for my collection and a cute little dog picture. I found a pretty dining set there to rehab (for my dream house!) but it didn't have a price and the manager couldn't get in touch with the dealer. I might have to go check on it tomorrow while some teachers I know from school are here doing a deep clean on my house, using their summer time off to make extra money for a trip they're planning, I think. Thank goodness for them. I am about spent on the house sprucing for a bit.

That goofy little blue fella fits right in with my other old toys...The little black and white one (2nd from left on the bottom shelf) is probably my favorite, though.

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