02 July 2008

Out with the old...

...'cause I'm always coming in with the new! I rented a booth at the STD Central Flea Market back in March to get rid of things I don't need or have room for and make money to spend on other things I don't need or have room for... So far it's gone well. I took a huge car load of stuff unearthed from the flood move down to STD yesterday and reworked my booth. It's not as stylized as anything I see on all the cute blogs I read, but I'm all about moving the merchandise and it's all priced to sell! STD (which stands for Springfield Tool and Die-cutting, the original business in the old building) is a place with all sorts of junk and you can usually find something good there really cheap. A fun place to shop, and the people that run it are nice, too.
The booth is in a kind of garden/floral phase right now. It was already done up in the black and white when I rented it, which worked for me. Shannon and I bought the white shelves on our last shopping excursion for $10 and I moved them in by myself yesterday. They are better display space than the wobbly metal shelves that were in there before. I hung old black and white flashcards and bingo cards on some ribbon around the top of the booth. I had/have ideas to do a lot more to it, but so far, this is it.
I haven't sold anything yet that I wish I would have hung on to, but the floral arrangement in the basket on the top shelf is one I might feel that way about because it has sentimental value. Shannon and I each made one of these arrangements several years ago when we were first getting into decorating. We modeled ours after a huge, beautiful basket of flowers on the conference table in our sorority suite at Drury (the Pi Beta Phi suite was the cutest--total cottage) and I think we spent over $50 on fake flowers and couldn't believe we had done that. I still like the way it looks, but it hasn't found a place in my house in a while and like I've said, I'm past the faux greenery, I think, so I put it in my booth. We'll see what happens. Hopefully it will find a good home. The booth requires a good deal of maintenance, and I have to drop by about once a week to straighten it up and then drastically rearrange it about once a month to keep people interested. We get checks the first and third Thursday each month, so tomorrow is pay day! I bought a new Coach purse with my last big check! It's worth the effort and it feels good to purge.


Shannon-m said...

waaa what's up with the chippy corbels? Maybe I should buy those?

the shelf looks good though!

Hayley said...

Those are some fall-aparts I got in a lot from that Second Time Around guy pretty cheap. They aren't the best or I wouldn't be parting with them. Hope you have a good 4th!

Joanna said...

Cute booth space! I am in the process of upgrading... hoping it turns out as nice as yours. xoxo, Joanna


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