26 July 2008

Friday finds

While I was out and about on Friday, I got a call from the flea market about an offer on 2 of my pieces and the manager, Mike, told me I had 2 really good days with my booth. So I thought I needed to take a few more things to fill it back up for the weekend. I painted the little plant stand and washed up the shabby urn and milk glass I found at my favorite thrift store. I think I might put the garden themed puzzle together today and glue it together and frame it for the booth. The wooden thing is a gate, I think, but I displayed it as a memo/photo holder in my booth. I almost kept the little turkey, since I collect those, but thought I'd pass it on to another collector. It was so hot at the flea market when I ran my stuff up there last night, but I did grab the little celluloid-like doll in the picture below. I have seen these on other blogs and like the look of them. I put it on a shelf in my craft room.

My sister and I ran around a little yesterday afternoon, and although I was planning to shop around for some new school clothes, I instead came home with this cute little April Cornell sugar and creamer that was on clearance at Marshall's. $1 for each adorable piece! I also bought a Yankee Celebrate Home candle to take to our best friends, The Rhoads, who we helped move into their beautiful new home last night. It is a modern Craftsman that Adrian, who is a builder/contractor, designed and constructed for his family. I really like it, but we talked about how many good times/laughs we had in their other little house and Stephanie was kind of sad to be leaving that one, the house she brought both her babies home to and where she and Adrian lived as newlyweds. The new house will be great for them, though, and I know we'll have lots of laughs there, too.

I also went by Hobby Lobby yesterday and exercised great restraint, buying only a few scrapbook items. I am hoping to do some scrapbooking this weekend. Macauley is camping with Ryan's parents and Ryan is helping with the move today and has plans with his friends from growing up tomorrow. I was looking for some kind of globe/earth chipboard or sticker or something, but didn't find it. I did find some new decorative eyelets that I think are really cool. We'll see what I come up with...

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MickeyMFan said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one scrapping this weekend! I finished our Disney album from last summer and plan on posting pictures of it soon. Sorry to read about your adventures on the bikes, but that would make a great scrapbooking page/story!


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