20 July 2008

Morning at the market

I went to my booth this morning and put in a bunch of new stuff. Just remembered I forgot to put a price on that gold mirror. Oh well. Ryan even sweetly volunteered to go with me and helped me carry it all in. Macauley spent the night with Ryan's parents, so we fixed the booth and then went to lunch, nothing fancy since I was in my grubbies and ponytail and no makeup. I breezed through STD quickly and took a few pictures of things that caught my eye...

Above is a booth that two sisters have together and they are always changing it. It always looks good and they have lots of cute stuff.

I have wanted this little panda forever...don't know why I don't just plop down the $10 and get it. I have one a lot like it, though, so that's probably why. I still go check on it almost every time I go in.

I thought this black wicker planter was nice. Is $25 a good price? Is it old?

I like the little statue. It is only $14... And I really like the metal lawn chair because it is black and I love black furniture, but I don't know what I would do with it.

I also got my check today and I sold $146 over the last two weeks...pretty good. I think I am going to vow to save all my proceeds from here on out so I can go to Minneapolis in September and go to the Junk Market with Shannon. Don't know if I should drive (better to haul back my goodies) or fly (to avoid a 13 hour drive). So I will probably leave all these little treasures for other lucky STD shoppers to snag.


Anonymous said...

Which STD has your booth? I pass the one on Trafficway everyday and have stopped in several times to look around. Probably even saw your booth without It looks like you have some really great stuff in there:) As for burning a CD, it's not possible to do that from the playlist I made (because it was free to make it). I do have some of the songs on iTunes though, so I can burn some of them for you if you tell me which ones you like best (and if I have them!). Another thing I thought about doing this year is creating a playlist from that website (projectplaylist.com) with school-appropriate songs and putting it on my class blog page so that I don't have to have a CD or my iPod, and I can just play it from the computer. That might be something else you can do if you're up for the challenge of having a class blog page too! The kids would probably love that and you could have great online literary discussions. Just a thought...

Hayley said...

My booth is at STD Central, the red one on Trafficway toward downtown. There is another STD (East) on Trafficway that is white and is just off Glenstone. I will make a list of songs and see what you can do!

Joanna said...

Hello Hayley, love the new stuff your brought in. My booth is finished & I've moved in. Wrote a post about it. Check it out when you have time. I still have more merchandise to bring in... just ran out of time! :( But I suppose that's ok, it keeps the booth looking fresh & different when I bring new items in. (we have a lot of repeat customers). Congrats on the $146. My hubby hasn't been too happy with all of my new stuff everywhere. (I kind of spread out for a couple of days while pricing & cleaning for the move). I got his attention when I told him I had a couple of checks that total $350. But I have to lay off the shopping. LOL I must, MUST pay the Visa for my Silver Bella trip that I charged. xoxo, Joanna


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