16 July 2008

My fabulously shabby friend

I have been friends with Shannon Madison Mundt for almost 15 years, since our days in Pi Beta Phi at Drury University, and she remains one of my very best junking buddies and overall pals even though she lives in Minneapolis these days. Her house there is fabulously shabby chic, and every time I see all her shabby stuff I want to throw everything out in my house and go totally shabby myself. She made me the little frame above using vintage rhinestone jewelry. She was selling these frames on ebay for a time and doing really well with them, but then a lady from Hong Kong of all places started buying them all as fast as Shannon could make them so Shannon ended up just selling them to that lady direct and cut out the ebay middle-man. She'll probably make more eventually so we always look for pretty and cheap vintage sparkles when we shop. I love my little frame.

Shannon just sent me this picture of a $7 chair she rehabbed into a shabby dream. I saw a similar chair at a similar price at the thrift store yesterday. I wonder if I could ship it to Shan in Minnesota and she could make it look as cute as this one for me? She also made the shelf below using an old frame, some pretty paper from Rose Mille, a lovely, lovely store in Stillwater, Minnesota (Shan took me there last February) and her husband Casey (also a longtime best pal) who is great at woodworking and handy for all sorts of projects. Shannon also made the PARIS letters using German glass glitter. Can you believe this girl?

Ryan and I are both hoping that someway, someday, somehow Casey and Shannon and their 2 adorable little girls will move back to Springfield, or at least closer. No telling just how much shopping/crafting/eating/reality-TV-watching damage Shannon and I could do if they did. We miss you guys!

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Shannon-m said...

Aw thanks for the tribute.. I'm dying to move back. Just think how broke we'd be shopping every second.(We would sure find some good treasures) We would also need to join a gym since we'd be eating out 24-7. Miss you !!


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