14 July 2008

More reading

Also this weekend, I read the book Reservation Road, which was truly heart-wrenching. A story of loss that I think would twist any parent's heart up like it did mine. Non-parents, too, for that matter. I read the whole book this weekend almost like I just had to get it over with. So painful, like when you have to pull off a Band-Aid and you just have to clench your teeth and do it. The writing is powerful and so right on. I tried to think a little about how I could use it as a model or idea starter in the Creative Writing class I'm teaching this fall, but mostly I thought about how I could never deal if something like this happened to someone I love more than myself. I would recommend this book but you've got to have the stomach for it. Another dark read on my summer list, don't know why...
With Macauley at camp, we had the evening to ourselves, so Ryan made baked spagetti and then we watched 2(!) movies last night, and I enjoyed both of them. We watched Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson, who I think is so cute and so funny and then we watched Cloverfield, which was recommended by one of Ryan's employees. I thought it was creative. Something different. Which reminds me I need to return those to the $1 rental box at the grocery store. What a great idea that box is. Wish I had thought of that.

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Curtis & Alysia said...

Curtis and I took a little trip to Barnes & Noble last night and I was completely overwhelmed by all the books! I told him that I would have to do a little research at home before I could commit to buying one. I also told him that I knew you would have some good suggestions on your site...and I was right! Thanks for posting all the reviews for a confused book shopper like me:)


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