10 July 2008

Route 66 Finds

I got the awesome old pine coffee table I had been thinking about since I saw it several months ago! And at a great deal, too. The dealer had it marked $395, but took a significantly lower offer, I guess because it had been there a while. I was so happy! And it fit fairly easily in my car...compared to many other comical crammings my junking buddies and I have done in the past. I'm sure other veteran shoppers can relate--where there is a will there is a way. If you love a piece, you can cram it in the vehicle!

The only other things I bought were a pretty platter off a $3 table outside, and an old photo. Somehow I didn't make it home with the post-it on the back of the photo that decscribed the time/place, but I'm pretty sure it said something about Christmas in Maryland, 1911. Some neat details, if you enlarge it and have a look. I am so intrigued by scenes like this. A different life.

The Route 66 Antique Mall is on Interstate 44 between Marshfield, Missouri and Lebanon, Missouri, a little farther away from Springfield than I remembered, but my sister Lindsay and son Macauley were troopers and made the trip with me. Lindsay is not a flea market shopper, but even she bought a big, red vintage L for herself and an A to give her friend Amber for taking care of Lindsay's dogs while they're away. Macauley bought some homemade candy. Wild Cherry.

Route 66 has more of a primitive/Americana look. My mother has been looking for an old pump to make into a fountain, so I took a picture of this one to show her.

One pretty booth had several old buttons, sewing stuff and baby clothes.

I also really loved this chippy cabinet. I have a couple and this one would fit with them fabulously. Some really cute stuff. A little higher prices, but probably worth it on most things in the place.

My lovely new table is right at home. I'm so glad we drove all that way to track it down.

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Shannon-m said...

Love the new table!


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