16 July 2008

Ready to re-stock

I went by my flea market booth on Tuesday and found it quite bare (woo-hoo!), so I stopped by my favorite thrift store that afternoon and picked up a few things at bottom-barrel prices to spice it up a bit. I got a great set of books, some quirky little pieces like the wooden shoe and the vintage apple toy and green Avon bottles, and a few glass pieces. I price them pretty low and I think I got some good stuff!
I decided that the little white kitty planter should go ahead and live with me once I got to looking at it. Too cute. That kitty's a keeper...

The other keeper find at the thrift store was this old typewriter that I am adding to my collection (I now have 3!). My heart leapt when I saw it for $7.50. Score!

I am going with my friend Barb to help her find a coffee table tomorrow and have lunch plans with my friend Alicia on Friday, so I'm not sure when I'll get these new pieces to my booth. STD stays open until 9 on Fridays, so probably then. Which means I have time to scour the house for other stuff to get rid of.


Joanna said...

Nice typewriter. I remember someone in my family having an apple like that. Must of been my little brother. How lucky you are, your mall is open til 9 pm on Fridays? We are strickly 10- 6 M-Sun. I hate that the only time I can go is on the weekends. I'm getting ready to move into a bigger booth... can't wait til it's all done & decorated. :) xoxo, Joanna

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it was my mom or my grandma who used to have that EXACT same portrait of the child with the dog. I think it was my mom actually...and it hung in our house throughout my childhood. How crazy!

MickeyMFan said...

Hayley, Todd thinks you are crazy! Since I have been reading about your fabulous finds, it has made me want to go out and see what I can discover on my own. Todd's not too happy about that. He says we got rid of a lot of "junk" when we moved and doesn't want any more. I simply told him, "It's not junk; it's art!" I don't think he believed me.


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