06 July 2008

Party at Aunt Lindsay's

We've had a busy long 4th of July weekend, starting with a party at my sister Lindsay's house on the night of the 3rd. My sister is an excellent cook and a great hostess, so her parties are always a hit. Her boyfriend Jay made yummy brats and everyone else brought potluck. Macauley was invited and he always has a blast at his aunt's house.

There were a few other kids there, too. Some of Lindsay and Jay's neighbors' and friends' kids, including little 3-year-old Alex who came close to wearing Macauley out. Alex just kept coming up to Macauley and saying, "Wun! Wun!" and wanted Macauley to "run" with him around and around the yard. Right up Macauley's alley.

The kids played hard all evening and then Jay and his friends put on a pretty impressive fireworks show in the street in front of Lindsay and Jay's house for everyone in the neighborhood. We had a great time and stayed out pretty late. Slept in pretty late the next morning, too. A good start to the holiday. Thanks for having us, Linds and Jay!

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