16 July 2008

Tonitown Treasures

My mother and I went shopping in Tonitown, Arkansas (famous for its grapes, interestingly) last Saturday but only had time to really do one flea market, The Grapevine. We both got a few "treasures." I got the pretty green basket because I have a picture of one very similar I cut out of Martha Stewart Living a long time ago and hung on my "inspiration board" in my office/craft room. I'm hoping I can maybe style this one to look like the picture. We'll see. I want to hang the framed sheet music with the military motif next to pictures of each of my grandfathers in their military uniforms (I need to get copies of the pictures, though). I am so proud of both of them--one fought in Europe and in the Battle of the Bulge and the other fought in the Phillipines and survived the Bataan Death March and being a POW for over 3 years. I'm so glad those "boys" got to "come home again" and give me the family and life I have today. I am indebted. We all are.

I bought the flower frog for its shape, perfect to hold a picture or postcard. I know lots of people collect flower frogs, and I can see the appeal. I only have a couple. I love old tins, and I am drawn to school-related items since I am a teacher, so I really like the Blackboard Crayons box. The smaller tin is for Goggles, and I guess I need to research what that might mean. Does anyone know? The chalk dog will fit right in with the rest of my dog figurines. The little metal pieces right behind him in the picture are belt pieces I thought I might be able to use in my scrapbooks or other projects.

Following in my mother's footsteps, I have a collection of vintage turkeys that I put out in the fall. I liked the look and price of these, which is what I base my turkey-buying decisions on. Unfortunately, the turkeys are all I had time to buy at the second place we visited in Tonitown, Country Classics, because they dimmed the lights on us at closing time only about 20 minutes into our shopping. I'm sure I'll be back. There are a couple of other antique places there in that little Arkansas town, as well as a famous downhome restaurant called The Venetian Inn that serves spagetti and steak and has drawn crowds for a number of decades. And it's only about 20 minutes away from where my parents live. A fun little trip and good times with my mother.

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