23 July 2008

Hit me with your best shot

Today was the big day--we had to get Macauley's kindergarten shots. He had been asking a lot of questions but wasn't freaking out, mostly just resigned to the fact that he had to do it. He brought along Kenny and Blankie for moral support and we waited...
Once in, he was conversational with the nurse, still pretty relaxed. When she asked if he was nervous, he said, "Yeah, I'm pretty nervous." She went to get the shots and he relaxed again and called his dad with an update...

I have to give it to the nurse--she was fast. He got 4 shots: 2 in the thigh and 1 on each arm. And boy, did they hurt. He cried hard for the minute it took to give the shots and seemed almost shocked that someone would do that to him! He quieted down right after though.

He got a prize package that I'm not sure really lived up to the drama of the moment...

So we went to Burger King afterwards to celebrate, which is a big deal because he knows I do not like Burger King and we NEVER go there, even though he constantly begs me to give it a chance. I mean never. He was letdown because the playground was closed and he barely ate any of this food that has been calling his name all this time. We might go get shaved ices tonight when Ryan gets home. I was proud of my little boy--he was actually pretty brave. I guess we're ready for kindergarten now!

He is the king of my world!

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