24 July 2008

Really bad idea

From the bright smiles right before we left, you would think this was a happy mom and son out for a fun little summer bike ride...that is how we started anyway. Macauley talked me into going on the ride with him in his flipflops, swimsuit, no shirt and no helmet, and then he talked me into going farther than usual (to see the railroad tracks) and our ride turned into a stressful fiasco. Once we got to the tracks, a fairly good distance from our house for a rookie rider, Macauley totally stressed out, could no longer balance on the bike, and went into meltdown mode. I got increasingly more stressed and impatient myself and thought we'd never make it back down the Greenways trail with me somehow pushing both bikes up and down the hills. Luckily though, a really nice lady walked up behind us and offered to help him balance and she walked with us almost the whole way back to our house and then pulled up beside us in her car and offered to drive Macauley's bike back to our house so he could just walk beside me as I pushed mine. We'd been out over an hour and it had gotten dark. A policeman pulled over near where we were and climbed down under the railroad tracks and shined his light in the tunnel beneath and yelled at what turned out to be two middle school looking girls to get out. They were in some kind of trouble. And then a guy with a weenie dog and an oxygen tank kept stopping by the side of the road, I guess to catch his breath. I am so glad that this kind stranger, Shelly, who lives on Oak Grove and used to have a collie dog and has two grown boys and a granddaughter and a Mercedes, was there for us or we would have never made it home. Such a bad, bad idea...what was I thinking?

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