07 July 2008

Tooth Fairy, please stop here...

After much wiggling over the last couple of weeks, Macauley has lost his first tooth. And unfortunately, he has literally "lost" it, as it must have fallen out sometime in the night while he was sleeping and we don't know where it went. So we began penning a note of explanation to the Tooth Fairy this afternoon...
...but Macauley quickly grew tired of copying the draft I wrote for him and skipped out on it to watch The Mighty B (which is a pretty cute little cartoon about an enthusiastic Girl Scout type voiced by Amy Poehler of SNL) so we may go back to it later.

I have to say I was a bit sad to be reaching this childhood milestone so early. He's just so darn cute the way he is, and I am melancholy about moving into a new, probably awkward snaggletoothed phase, but what can you do? I guess he got his baby teeth early and is losing them early, too. Which may mean that he will be in braces during his gangly pubescent years and then have a shining straight grin for high school and his future career in entertainment...Brad Pitt, look out. Before bed last night he paused in his wiggling long enough to ask me several questions about the illustrious Tooth Fairy, having never been visited by her (him?) before:
MF: Does the Tooth Fairy have a father?
HF: I don't know...what do you think? (the generic Mom answer that fits lots of situations, I've found)
MF: I think maybe. I think maybe the parents had a bunch of sons. Like maybe about three million and six hundred and eighty.
HF: That many?
MF: Yeah, to make it to all the kids. Does the Tooth Fairy visit adults?
HF: No, most adults have already lost their teeth by then. How much money do you think the Tooth Fairy leaves for a lost tooth? (trying to feel him out since this will be my first time as the Fairy myself...)
MF: Maybe about 3 cents. Or 2. Or 1. (promising...)
HF: Hmmm....
MF: Or maybe about 3000 dollars. (yikes!)
So, I think we'll cut it somewhere down the middle and go with $1 tonight? What do you think is the going rate for Tooth Fairy visits these days? I remember $1 being a big deal, but that was a long time ago. I would also like to find or craft a cute Tooth Fairy box or pillow before we lose another one in hopes that there will be an actual tooth to place in it next time. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

So, we need an update now...how much did the TF leave? And did he ever finish writing the letter? Oh - and how was his Starbucks the other day?

Hayley said...

The tooth fairy left 8 quarters under Macauley's pillow, but he came racing into my room this morning holding only 4 and was absolutely thrilled with that many. He said, "That Tooth Fairy, she really means a lot to me and I am never spending this money. I am just going to keep it because she gave it to me." The other quarters were merely a bonus when he found them later. We placed both notes side by side and the TF must have gotten the point...His Starbucks was just what he wanted but it sure didn't give him much mall-shopping stamina. He whined about being tired and wanting to go home the whole time but when we finally went home he wasn't tired at all. Interesting.


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