06 July 2008

...and a little bit Shabby Chic?

I guess these things are more "cottage" but have similar color tones to my friend Shannon's Shabby Chic look. Like many, I love anything chippy, and I am drawn to the white, robin's egg blue, jadeite green and pink of Shabby Chic. The shelf above is on a wall in my bedroom. I got it at The Rose in Rogers, Arkansas for $25, and it looks like it was once recessed, but sticks out from my wall and I have piled it down with little odds and ends that make me happy, including a small collection of Eiffel Towers, one of which I got when I visited the real one in France a few years ago and others I have picked up at flea markets. I also love, love, love old postcards and the ones on this shelf are flirty ones with coy little sayings and couples in various stages of wooing that I bought at The Homestead in Rogers. I have a small collection of tarnished silver trinket boxes but have quit buying those and weeded out all but my favorites. There are also a few pieces of rhinestone jewelry tucked in and some butter pats.

I put this chair in my bathroom by the big bathtub so I could lounge and read a magazine while my son takes a bath, but mostly it gets loaded down with the clothes I don't feel like hanging up in the closet just to its left. The chippy wardrobe door with the mirror behind it is from The Seedbox and is one of my favorite things I own. The chair was $5 at a garage sale and I had a slipcover made in the shabby floral with a muted leopard print skirt that isn't in the picture.

This mirror and shelf hang above the bathtub. I bought the mirror made from ceiling tin from ebay and the new mercury glass candleholders were a Christmas gift from my parents via the Hobby Lobby gift certificate they gave me last year. The railing piece above the mirror is from Riverview. I bought the glittery LOVE garland at Rose Mille in Stillwater, Minnesota when I visited Shannon last February. I LOVE it!

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