02 July 2008

Clean Slate...

We are moved back downstairs on our new slate floors, and the whole basement has a different feel I'm not exactly warmed up to yet. The floor is so much colder--no bare feet now. But at least life is back to normal and we are out of the huge mess. We were spurred into action to get everything back in place in time for the surprise 30th birthday party we had for our good friend Stephanie Rhoads this past Saturday. The party was a success, and it felt so good on Sunday to wake up to a relatively clean house and leftover party food.
I washed all the slipcovers on all my furniture and nothing that got wet was permanently damaged. I love the white couches but these slipcovers are getting rather worn out after I've used them for about 7 or 8 years now. The couches underneath are navy blue and Ryan bought them for me when we first moved into our townhouse at Gazebo back in our later college days. I helped him complete his senior thesis in Sociology/Criminal Justice in exchange for him getting me new couches to replace the burnt orange corduroy number we had inherited from, I think, his grandparents. We/I got a B- on the 25+ page paper that was put together mostly in one long Sunday, and I/we were fairly proud of that. Plus I got the comfiest couches out of the deal! I had the local queen of slipcovers, Carol Ussery, make the white covers for me a few houses later, and she has made a number of others for me over the years.

It is always cold in the basement, and in the summer that usually feels really good. But now, it's even chillier and snuggling up is a must. The toile quilt was a birthday gift from my sisters a few years ago, and it is one of my favorites. Macauley spent last Friday through this Tuesday in Bolivar camping with Ryan's parents and came back tired and tan. He is a lucky boy. We are back to our lazy, nesting routine now.


Shannon-m said...

floor looks great!

Hayley said...

I need a rug but can't commit! Something fairly plain, I think.


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