13 July 2008

Happy Camper

Macauley and I spent the weekend at my parents' house in Rogers, Arkansas. My parents run a summer camp and live on the premises year-round in a house up on a hill overlooking the camp. My mother has decorated with a lodge look for a number of years now, and the decor really fits their house in the woods. We found this vintage sign at The Rose a few years ago, and I am so glad my mother bought it. She and my dad really do deserve the award! I love going to their house and getting taken care of like the old days.

I didn't take many pictures of the house, but this is one little vignette that shows some of the things my mother likes. The sunglasses on top of the picnic basket were my great aunt's, I think.

The camp is a really pretty place, with the cafeteria, games, pavillion, etc. set down in the valley between two hills, one of which has boys' cabins and the other girls'. You can imagine how much my son loves to visit his grandparents, not only because he absolutely adores them, but look at where they live! A kid's paradise!

I don't know how, but I ended up forgetting to bring Macauley's bag, so when we got to Arkansas he had only the clothes on his back, or "off" in this case to show Nana his new SpongeBob boxer briefs. He is staying there for a few days (I am back home now to attend 2 days of teacher workshops) so we ran to Gap Kids and got him a few new things to get by, things he can also wear to kindergarten, which is coming up so quickly. His dad got the award for Best Dressed in school, so we have high hopes for Macauley.

Gap Kids has a line of JunkFood vintage t-shirts right now and we picked out a Star Wars one that looks like something Ryan would have worn and a cute pink polo that also looks like something Ryan would wear. Real men wear pink, right?

Macauley only got to swim for a while on Saturday before a big storm blew in, but that bit of water time made his weekend. The camp has a huge pool, full of lots of bugs and woodland debris that blows in, but very nice. Had to buy a new swimming suit for him, too. I had forgotten my suit also so my mother loaned me one of hers, a little tropical number. Thus, I am not pictured, but my mother is! Hope she doesn't mind me putting her on the Internet in a swimsuit. I was just showing how much her grandson loves to play in the pool with her!

My mother and I did 2 flea markets in Tonitown, Arkansas on Saturday and got a few things. I will post them next time. We had a good weekend and I'm sure Macauley is enjoying being at camp still "working" in the cafeteria and riding on the tractor with my dad. Hope he's being a good boy!

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