02 July 2008

Money well-earned/spent

My parents run a summer camp in Rogers, Arkansas and Macauley loves to spend time down there "helping" them out. He recently spent several days working in the kitchen with my mother and doing all sorts of odd jobs around the camp with my dad, and for all his efforts, my dad wrote him his very first paycheck with hopes that the camp's treasurer would understand.
He endorsed it with Dash--he's still going by that instead of Macauley. When we pulled through the drive-thru at the bank, I told the teller, "This $10 check is my son's and he is 5. He signed his superhero name on the back. Hope that's okay." It was. Macauley was elated when I passed back the envelope of money to him in the backseat. We headed straight for Target...

...and promptly blew his hard-earned money on an inflatable wading pool! We had to supplement the purchase price of $24.99 a little with some of his money from pre-school graduation and then we had to drive to Aztec and use Ryan's air compressor to air it up because I was getting nowhere on my own. Back home, we hooked the hose to the elephant's trunk (to shower ice-cold hose water 10 feet in the air and onto the slide) and all sorts of swimming fun ensued. A first paycheck well spent. He's ready to go back to camp and earn another one really soon.

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MickeyMFan said...

That looks like fun!! I love your new design too--I desperately want a new one. I may have to check out how to get a "cooler" design!


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