20 July 2008

My favorite space

The other item on my To Do List today was to fix my office/craft room back to normal. Everything (scrapbooking stuff, sewing stuff, stuff from other rooms, lots and lots of cutsies, etc.)had been just thrown in during all the rearranging when we got the new floors a few weeks ago and I was overwhelmed. But today I dug and in and did some organizing, some purging and I feel much better. The table has always been centered in the room, and I might put it back that way, but I kind of like it pushed to one end. Makes the room seem a lot bigger.

I have some other pictures of things in this room I might post another time. I actually did an entire post on this room, narrating how I feel about every little bit in it, when I first started my blog but accidentally posted it on an English teacher blog I belong to! So for a few seconds, before I could delete it, there was my little babble about how much I love all my cute little stuff and so on mixed in with all these serious posts from teachers about how to teach writing and other deep stuff! I could never figure out how to get the post from that blog to this one. One thing I added to the room today is this little sign I got on Friday at The Market with the best life philosophy. You might have seen it before. A little further reading, though, revealed that Emerson isn't the one who said this (possibly someone named Bessie Stanley), but still I consider these inaccurately attributed words some good ones to live by. :)

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